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Core Technology

A rule-writing language for any logic in any field, with all the benefits of software, but written in an English-like syntax, with an automatically-created dashboard. For cloud or on-premise infrastructure. No prior programming knowledge needed to write the rules. Do it yourself, take control, and save resources!


Scalability and sharing.

Take logic developed by others and use as-is in your environment – with no modification! This is obtained by separation between domain-specific information and universal code.


No prior programming knowledge needed.

TOO, our new language, is as powerful and expressive as any computer language, but tiny (4 keywords), reduced to rule-based logic – thus no special skills needed.


Pure Object-Oriented design.

Everything is an object, including sensors, basic registers (such as a number, string, etc.), and larger constructs. Thus, ideal for building complex logic from simple objects – fast and reliably!

Five simple reasons

Why choose our technology?

“CannArava is 3200 SQM state of the art full indoor premium cannabis grow operation. A facility of this size presents various “scale” challenges. After working with various vendor’s proprietary sensors and controls we chose to deploy a central invicToo system for our cockpit. invicTOO’s customer-focused approach, their competitive prices, the savings we gain, and special TOO language – which is the controller itself – are very beneficial to us. I am delighted they are our control system suppliers, and am happy to recommend them to everyone.“

“I manage and grow 10,000 sq-m of leafy greens, relying on 14 years of experience. For many years I have been looking for creative solutions for my control system. From the first discussion with invicTOO it was clear to me that their technological approach is revolutionary. The implementation is very fast, the control logic is unlimited, and I can write the grow-protocol myself at any time, without their help. Along with meeting their needs for our control system – and their ability to solve technical challenges that no other company has been able to solve – I am happy to be one of invicTOO’s customers and recommend them to others.”

Yonatan Zussman, Owner, APM.

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