Your climate-control supplier won't tell you this...

Our solutions are
more cost-effective.

We implement
much faster. Remotely.

You can control
the system's logic. Free.

There are never expensive service-calls with us.

We will!

Rule writing language in the cloud
"...I am delighted invicTOO is our control-system supplier, and am happy to recommend them to everyone."
"...invicTOO's solution is very cost-effective, the implementation fast, and I can write and manage my grow-protocol on my own!"


Significant savings

No physical control panel.
Far less cabling.

Fast implementation

Remote implementation.
No site visits required.

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You control the logic

Make any changes you want.
No expensive service calls.

Solution: end-to-end

The core capability of invicTOO's end to end solution is the TOO language (Patent Pending); it was built from the ground up for IoT, and is optimal for any control system. It is 7x smaller than the smallest languages.
invicTOO can build almost any sensor, and with our UI we provide a complete solution.

Our technologies disrupt the control-systems industry by:
1. Replacing physical control panels with our rules written in simple English-like text in the cloud.
2. Cutting implementation-time of a solution to 1 or 2 days; we can implement without visiting the site at all.
3. Writing the rules in the cloud does not require any programming skills. The end-user is given full control of the logic; gone are the days of expensive service-calls.

Our capabilities allow us to transfer significant savings to the user, implement faster than anyone, and give you, the end-user, control of your Control logic.

TOO Language

The logic are rules written in the cloud in TOO. They replace all physical controllers.

TOO's logical capabilities are unlimited, and optimal for any control-system.

Expressive as any high-level computer language.

Designed for IoT from the ground-up.

No programming skills are needed to write the rules.

Protects the user from ill-conditions and erroneous code.

Built to incentivize sharing: domain specific data is separated from universal code.


Assaf Zeira, Ph.D. in Computer Science, is the CEO and CTO of invicTOO, and leads the development of software and hardware technologies.
Assaf holds a B.Sc. in computer science (with honors) from the Technion, and a doctorate (direct track) in brain and computer research from the Weizmann Institute of Science.
Assaf has accumulated many years of professional and managerial experience in Israeli start-up companies. Among them Scitex, and Kepler where he managed the development, and P-Cube where he was the chief architect (now Cisco Systems). Assaf is the inventor of 12 patents in the field of computer vision, computer communication, and chemistry.
Assaf has business experience and together with his partner established a successful international cosmetics company, based on research and patents.


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